Tuesday, 2 October 2012

M is for My Canada at D.A. Morrison

The luckiest guy I know with some of the amazing students at D. A. Morrison school.

I visited D.A. Morrison Middle School in Toronto to meet the senior kids. I was amazed at their version of M is for Maple. It is called M is for My Canada and it is marvelous.

M is for multiculturalism
It's interesting and nice
Noodles, biryani, hotdogs and spice
Lots of different languages and cultures I see
Everyone is living cooperatively.

T is for Toronto, it's a beautiful city
Traffic is good and the people are pretty
People in Toronto are really nice
In the winter, Lake Ontario has ice

P is for Poutine, so tasty and sweet
I eat it slowly, what a delightful treat
It is as messy as  my younger brother
Pizza may be great but poutine is so much better.


We talked about how older siblings are no more part of our family than we are and how that applies to Canada. We talked about Terry Fox and Maurice Richard.

Thanks again, D.A. Morrison and in particular Mr. Barbeau, Ms. Nakamuira and Margaret Mulligan whose beautiful photos help make the book so wonderful.

One last note. My employer, MLSE, places great value on making a difference in our community. Every employee is given three paid days to work for the benefit of others. MLSE employees have been involved in countless arena and facility builds both here and in the Third World and have an extensive relationship with Habitat for Humanity.
If you think a teacher or principal you know would appreciate a visit from me, please forward this blog. There is no charge.
Let's Go Canada.


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