Thursday, 13 December 2012

Getting the business from students at Perth Avenue Public

I thought I knew a lot about the book business. Then I met the kids at Perth Avenue School on December 13.
Where do I start?  There was Ana who asked what I liked most about Canada (and got a five minute answer), Isis who told me about PEI, Nolan told me about his love of forests and Josh talked about his love of parks. Amir asked me about my cancer and Michelle asked why I decided to be an author. But it took Ziad to calculate how much I made from M is for Maple.
I hope to return to Perth Avenue for a book fair. I had a great, great morning.
It reminds me of a poem.

I went to see the children of Perth
To spread some cheer and spread some mirth
Instead I heard from this brilliant bunch
That M is for Maple didn't make me much.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


I visited Tecumseh Public School, December 11 and the above sign was just the beginning of a great welcome.
I was met by my buddy Mark Goulet who is a teacher/librarian at Tecumseh. He is also a very good hockey player. I know this because Mark routinely blows by me in our Sunday night hockey games.
Three students in particular stick out for me.
First, there was my buddy Mohammad. When you're with Mohammad every moment is a joy. Just a lovely young man.
Awesome Shyanne reminded me how awesome she is, which by the way is pretty awesome. Last but not least, the wonderful Shamonique who had a question for every occasion.
I was able to spend a few moments with the senior kids and we talked about critical reading and writing.
Being able to visit a great school such as Tecumseh is the best part of my job as MLSE senior writer.
It all reminds me of a poem.

I went to Tecumseh, so I could see Tiger Pride in Action
I learned right away the Tecumseh way is to give a good reaction
I met Mohammad, Shyanne and Shamonique
They were great, they were smart, they were kind
I'd return in a moment to Tecumseh School
And those brilliant, curious minds.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Awesome questions at Kew Beach

What a great morning at Kew Beach school in Toronto.
Librarian Stephanie Dawson opened up her facility for the morning. Students from Mr. MacLean-Taylor, Mr. White and Ms.Nagel's classes came together for stories, questions and fun.
The kids were wonderful, attentive and curious. We talked about the writing process and the importance of having an editor who can improve your work. Eighty new friends. Kew Beach rocks!