Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Fun with 100 new friends at George Webster School.

Today I visited George Webster School in East York on an invitation from Nancy Steinhauer, an award- winning principal and one of the best in the business.
I have known Nancy for years and enjoyed seeing her work her magic at George Webster, a beautiful sprawling school full of very, very cool kids.
Hugo, what a great help.
Ms. Walker turned her library over to me and we talked about integrity, passion, Terry Fox, Maurice Richard, Kim Campbell and how horses use their ears.  Hugo and Launa were wonderfully helpful in displaying M is for Maple. I spoke about critical reading and the process of writing with the Grade 5s.
Meeting the students who learn with Mr. Corke, Ms. Bakir, Ms. Webster, Ms. Whalley, Ms. Grounds, Mr. James, Ms. Cross, Mr. Moutadayne and Mrs. Kennedy is just more proof that I have....THE BEST JOB ON THE PLANET.
My friend Launa helped me out when we came to the Dion quintuplets.

One last note. My employer, MLSE, places great value on making a difference in our community. Every employee is given three paid days to work for the benefit of others. MLSE employees have been involved in countless arena and facility builds both here and in the Third World and have an extensive relationship with Habitat for Humanity.
If you think a teacher or principal you know would appreciate a visit from me, please forward this blog.
Let's Go Canada.


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