Monday, 27 May 2013

O Canada at Church Street School

Efe and Grecia, two great assistants
In all the school visits I have conducted, never once have I been interrupted for O Canada.
It happened at Church Street School, just as I was talking about The Great Canadian Trick Question.
No student has ever gotten the question right the first time and, while they were attentive and super bright, the kids at Church Street did not break the streak.
I had a wonderful visit at the invitation of teacher/librarian Nancy Woodruff and teacher Liem Bui.
I met the students in Grade 4, 5 and 6 and we talked a lot about how to be a good writer. I explained why I chose certain letters for M is for Maple and why my wife is still mad at me over not choosing Emily Carr for the letter C.
To demonstrate how to be a good listener I interviewed Mr. Bui who told  me  how his love of the Raptors began when his parents took him to the YMCA.
I loved Church Street School. For one thing, I got the chance to poke around Maple Leaf Gardens where I worked for many years. Second, how many authors get to stand and sing O Canada with so many bright, beautiful children.

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