Friday, 10 May 2013

Learned a lot at Sir Ernest MacMillan school.

Learned a lot today at Sir Ernest MacMillan School in North Toronto.
For one thing, I learned I could talk for 90-minutes straight which must have been very taxing for the students.
Our session dealt with writing: how to plan,  how to add detail and how to edit.
We also talked about interviewing and that's where I learned the most.
In a conversation with teacher Ann Truong I learned that she met her husband at an automobile mechanics course. I learned the root of her determination to be self-sufficient spanned a generation and was rooted in the hardship her parents encountered and overcame.
The students, of course, did not know Ms. Truong's story. I was grateful for her wonderful honesty.
Everyone has a story. The secret to having that person share their story is to be a good listener and be genuinely interested in what the person has to say.
Listen right down to your bones, ask the questions you are afraid to ask and the results will be incredible.

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